A combination of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and yeast extract, Resolvet relyneGI is a unique formula designed to support digestion in horses. Recommended and used by veterinary surgeons and professional horsemen, Resolvet RelyneGI is the choice for natural digestion and joint support.

Store between 5-30 °C
100% Vegan


Hyaluronic Acid 0.80%, Yeast Extract 0.20%, Sodium Chloride, and Purified Water.

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 0.45%, Crude Fibre 0.40%, Crude Oils & Fats 0.25%, Crude Ash 0.95%, Sodium 0%, Moisture 67%.

Contains nothing other than the listed ingredients.

For Horses & Ponies, all ages.

Loading Rate: Administer 60ml per day with feed.
Recommend 2 pumps (30ml) on top of feed twice daily for 30 days. (2 pumps = 30 ml)
Maintenance Rate: Administer 30ml per day with feed.
Recommend 1 pump on top of feed twice daily. (1 pump = 15 ml)

The feeding level can be adjusted, feeding extra around times of stress, travel, extended stabling or strenuous exercise.

RelyneGI Frequently asked questions

A: The 1.9 Litre lasts 32 days (30ml twice daily) or 64 days (15ml twice daily).

A: The 3.8 Litre lasts 64 days (30ml twice daily) or 126 days (15ml twice daily).

A: Relyne GI is unflavoured, so no taste or smell, most horses do not have any aversion to it on their feed. It can also be administered via oral syringe.

A: You can purchase online at or contact the Relyne support team on: +44 7407 840 574 or email: [email protected]

A: Relyne GI can be pre-mixed into the food prior to feeding, but it’s most effective if it’s given while the product is still hydrated before it’s had a chance to dry out.

A: Relyne GI is classified as a nutritional supplement so it does not require a prescription.

A: Yes, Relyne GI can be used alongside other gastro protectants/treatments.

A: Every horse is different; we recommend those horses in heavy work or under stressful conditions use the loading feeding rate.