Clean Sport Certified

Commitment to a Clean Sport

Our Clean Sport stamp emphasizes the quality standard set & achieved by Resolvet products.

A number of Resolvet by Hagyard equine health care products recently have been tested and passed for compliance with racing and competition guidelines. As a result, Resolvet product labels will now include a “Clean Sport’ icon that attest to this standard of quality.

Conducted by an independent third-party laboratory, the products have tested negatively for prohibited substances across all FEI, USEF and racing jurisdiction guidelines. This indicates that Resolvet by Hagyard products do not contain any substances with the potential to affect equine performance, health or welfare.

“We are committed to maintaining the integrity of equestrian sports and the welfare of horses,” said Ken Ford, CEO of Hagyard Pharmacy. “The Resolvet products have always been compliant with all FEI, USEF and racing jurisdiction guidelines, but now this icon serves as an outward representation of that commitment to maintaining a Clean Sport where the health of the animal is always the priority.”

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